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PharmaCare for all Canadians

My family embraces all of my crazy from family slumber parties to advocating for National PharmaCare.

One day we tucked Olivia into her crib like every other day only to wake up the next day to a diagnosis of the rare disease cystinosis and chronic kidney disease, both diseases requires her to be on a lot of different supplements and meds. We are fortunate to have coverage for her high cost drugs but not all Canadians are so lucky. I never thought I would be advocating for national pharmacare, mostly because I loath pharma and pharmaceutical drugs but when your childs life and others rely on drugs to keep them alive you do what's right. (PS big pharma doesn't want national pharmacare because it will hurt their DEEP pockets, even more reason to go for it ;) )

Do you know the thing I fear the most is not being able to afford the cure that we as a family have a worked so hard to help fund? My next biggest fear is that Olivia will not be able to afford medications in her future. I fear that one day she will have to take a job with good benefits over a job that fulfills her soul. I know I am not alone and that there are many more Canadian families out there that want universal access to National Pharmacare now. Universal Healthcare works best when Canadians that leave the hospital can rest assured that they will be able to continue to refill their needed prescriptions. Families can stop deciding whether to fill a script or put food on the table. You might be reading this thinking about how healthy you are or maybe you have a great job with great benefits but nothing is guaranteed forever. If you have ever had to walk into an emergency room for a broken leg, stitches or maybe a fevered child then you can appreciate our universal healthcare. Now imagine being someone who walks in with a minor complication and then walks out with a diagnosis which requires medications. Imagine being a mother working full time with no benefits and a child that needs an antibiotic and choosing food over a medication. Imagine being a diabetic that has to decide between insulin or gas to get to his or her job. Just because it's not you doesn't mean it can't be you. Given the times we are living in, NOW is the time for Universal Pharmacare.

You can do something about this. Reach out to your local MP and ask them to vote YES for Bill C-213

Copy and Paste this link to sign the petition

We pride ourselves on being a country that provides universal healthcare not lets give Canadians what they need even more affordable and access to the drugs that will save lives.


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