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12 Weeks to a Better Me

It's been two weeks since I left social media, I'm still tweeting although not sure for how much longer. The social media world is so heavy for me, a lot gets thrown at me and there are just to many you know what's to worry about and I can't worry about them all. My heart hearts with all that is going on in our world from Covid19 fatigue to all the things I don't understand in the Transworld and how we are taking away the word woman from so many sacred things, one being pregnant. I read today that we should no longer use "pregnant woman" and the correct term is "pregnant person" and it's no longer breastfeeding but chestfeeding and it's no longer breast milk but human milk. I can't help but think about all of the women who fought for women to be treated equally and it feels like we are taking away the things that make a woman a woman yet we aren't taking anything away from a man. It just makes my heart heavy and where do we draw the line? What about science? Can science and clinical trials be done safely without being gender specific? I have a daughter who could potentially go through stem and gene therapy in her lifetime and I want the science around a woman's body because her body is different than a mans. Yes this scares me, a lot. I don't care who you are or what your gender is, a person is a person and I wish love to all but I feel like we are playing with fire. I wish we would poor more energy teaching people to be kind people and accepting of all. If you want to be a man or woman that's fine by me but I don't think we should eliminate language around anatomy.

Back to my point, my break up with social media and the space in my life. Last week I decided to challenge myself for the next 12 weeks focusing solely on myself, my home, my girls, my marriage, my blog, my body and most importantly my soul. I asked myself where do I want to be in 12 weeks from now, it's not like we can focus on many other things these days might as well be all the things that I want for myself and my family.

12 weeks brings me to Mother's Day, what a perfect day for the end of it to fall, I am who I am because of my two beautiful daughters. In fact they are my driving force to be the best person possible because I want to be the best role model possible for them. I can't help but always think of the the phrase "The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree," it's so true. I'm sure I'm not the only young woman who thought that I would never parent like my parents and then there you are years later and you sound exactly like them, unless you consciously work on being better. My mother did the best she could with the tools she had and now it's my turn to continue to do better and I can only hope that my girls decide to do better than I did, it's called evolution. I am so blessed that I have more tools than my mother did, so many people are overwhelmed with having to much information but at the end of the day the way you raise your kids will be based on your values and well that's an entirely different conversation. I have spent the past 14 years learning and understanding child development from a wholistic perspective and everything that I have learned about raising whole humans is to do the spiritual work involved and connecting back to my own soul that way my kids can reconnect back to theirs one day. The world is messy but once we connect back to the love we were all born to you can see beyond so many barriers and know what's true at the end of the day. This is why I can so disheartened over the complicating womanhood because at the end of the day being a man or woman doesn't define you, we are all 100% pure love and love has no gender.

For the next 12 weeks I am prioritizing becoming stronger in my physical body and my emotional body. I want a strong body to match a strong mind. I have a list of goals that I will continue to work on but most important I am keeping my eyes on my own paper and focus on me and what I can do to show up as the best person possible for myself, my family and the world. Imagine if we all worked a little bit harder on ourselves and being our best selves, this in itself would change the world.

Embracing: The gift of time and a slow paced world.

Empower: Using my time wisely and structuring my life more effectively to reach my goals and desires.

Much love.



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