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The Mother I Need to be

Ditch Perfection

Ditch Perfection

Ditch Perfection

Ditch Perfection

I have been a mother for over 11 years and perfectionism still gets me, I still daydream of the perfectly set table where everything matches, nothing is stained and everyone happily eats the meal that I have taken the time to prepare. At the end of the table, the girls don't care what matches and prefer placemats with princesses and bright colors and they definitely have zero appreciation for the new sauce recipe that I decided to take a risk on.

Dinner time is one of our sacred times in our house no matter how stressful it can feel at times from tired kids to picky eaters, we sit at the kitchen table for every meal. We often think life is made up of these grand moments of vacations, day trips, big events, shopping trips, presents and endless surprises but it's the little every day things that make up our life and builds the foundation of what we know of life and love.

Caring for my people is my love language, that and a fresh loaf of sourdough bread with a heart scored perfectly into the center. I always hope that my girls appreciate this one day, they will also appreciate it more if I ditch the perfection.

I need to continuously remember to ditch my need for perfectionism and remember to always focus on doing my best. My best today might be my worse tomorrow and that's okay as long as every day I continue to try to do better. Try to be a better mother, a better wife but most importantly a better version of myself because when I organically show up as myself for myself I am naturally a better mother, wife and human. Isn't this what we all want, to be the best version of ourselves for our little humans? Why don't they teach us that this is the core of what motherhood is all about, reconnecting to yourself and discovering who you are instead of focusing on what you are.

What if we embraced the journey and empowered ourselves with the tools that are needed to do the work.

Embrace: the journey to discovering who you are not what you are.

Empower: find a mentor, qualified coach or therapist to work with.



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