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It's not who you are...

It’s a bitch suddenly realizing I’m the only one holding myself back. I think of myself as a mom and I hold this thought that it’s not good enough in today’s world. These thoughts come from places they aren’t completely made up. It’s having business professionals devalue who I am by referring to me as “just a mom” It’s sitting in a meeting and hearing someone say we should bring her on board because she has an MSW. These comments have help me validate that being a mom isn’t good enough in today’s world. I have been focusing on everything I’m not, which has nothing to do with who I am. My thoughts and only my thoughts have been holding me back from taking a step forward in my career. It’s also ingrained in us to ask someone what they do instead of focusing on who they are. I’m guilty of it as well, asking someone and “what do you do?” And then we are instantly judged by the other person. And judgement is there to remind us that our path is the right way, instead of accepting each other and who we are as individuals. Ugh... life is easy it’s our minds that are hardest thing to navigate.


Erin Little

PS...some days it’s a bitch living in this head

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