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Leaving the good life for a great life.

I am extremely comfortable in my life and I often settle with I’m good. I remember when being a mother was just a dream and here I am living my dream. As we enjoy our family vacation it’s easy to realize I have it all.


When you come close to losing a child you quickly realize what truly matters in life. Death is a mighty teacher and when it showed up in my life I vowed not to take for granted the dream I once had.


On the other hand I have been settling for good. A piece of me isn’t a 100% whole because I’m settling. My "good life" is holding me back from having a great life. I have been so afraid to move forward because I don’t want to ruin a good thing. But it’s time, it’s time for me to slowly start to expand and take a leap of faith for my future.


I’m extremely attached to my girls, they need me. It’s my responsibility as their mother to meet their needs but it needs to come in balance to meeting my needs. I wish someone would have told me to let go of all self expectations until your kids hit the magical age of 5. It is our responsibility as parents to provide our children with guidance and stability. I think in today’s world we are releasing our children to soon and they don’t have the emotional intelligence to go out into the world. Yes emotional intelligence is a real thing and they say it’s as important, if not more important than your IQ. Would you throw your 1 year old into the ocean if they couldn’t swim? Probably not because they would die. Then why are we throwing our children into school without the emotional intelligence needed, especially when research is saying it is the foundation to a proper education? Why the rise in mental health problems?


I don’t consider my settling for good has been a bad thing. I want to raise girls who are both mentally and physically strong. I want them to move out one day and be capable of living their own lives. I want them to know they always belong in our family. I want them to fail and figure it out for themselves. I want them to fulfill their own dreams. Before all those things can happen, they need to learn to be emotionally strong and everything else will follow.


I am stepping forward in fear knowing that the universe has my back. I'm leaving the good life and striving for a great life.


Erin Little

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