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Monday M.E.S.S.

For me it’s never been about worrying about what could go wrong, it’s about what if I am wrong. I’m a world we are constantly being questioned about our fact checking it’s probably why so many don’t speak up.

Years ago I was asked how I coped through hard times, I assumed he didn’t want the answer I smoke darts and don’t eat so I told the interviewer I came home and did what I had to do, sounds better than I controlled every waking moment of my life. Doing what I had to do made me strong in my coping skills or gave the illusion I had some. Let’s be honest I was born in 1983 my coping skills were suck it up and do it and anything I learned from Full House, Saved by the Bell or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I am very interested in coping, what it means and what are the real tools that get us through life’s messy shit. There are tons of ways to cope drugs, alcohol, cocaine, binge eating, NOT eating, shopping, cleaning, baking, being with friends, organizing, judging everyone bit yourself, exercise, and the list goes on and on. Believe I do a couple of those things to cope, I’m a constant work in progress but the problem for me and what I have been searching for is that all the things that I use to cope eventually come to an end. I fill my shopping cart, have a couple drinks, organize the kitchen cabinets or sit in front of the tv and no matter how I feel after my problems are still there. So basically I have been numbing my problems and not really coping. Coping gets us through hard times but the thing is life will continue to give us hard times, things that will shake us to the core and have us on our knees begging for something better.

I believe the only way out is by going inward, not through religion but through spirituality. I believe that we must connect back to the love we once arrived here on this planet as. I believe that it is our life’s work to get back to. We are so much more than our bodies. We are so much more than our problems or our successes. We just need to get out of our own way and return to love.

I’m not afraid of being wrong anymore, I am actually more afraid of not speaking up. I am excited about all the things that could go right. Connecting back to myself has proven to make me the amazing person I am today and I have done this by connecting back to The Universe/God.

We are all here to love, connect and fuel our life with deep passion. Passion for being alive, passion for change and passion for something bigger than ourselves. We just need to reconnect to it and anything is possible.

If what I am doing is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

I am Devine love.

I am connected.

I am the M.E.S.S. behind the words.

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