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I planned on getting a lot of work done this trip. My intention was to wake up early and work. I did wake up early but there wasn’t much work. Today I felt guilty for not accomplishing my to do list. Then I remembered my most important items on my to do list was to relax and be with my family.

Tomorrow we travel back home. I surrendered to relaxing and the art of doing less. I slept, a lot and said yes as much as possible to the girls.

I don’t live to vacation because I know that we need to live and be grateful for every day. I don’t vacation to escape reality, my vacation inspires me to live and love my daily life deeper and with more meaning. The one thing I love about vacation is the rest and not giving a f*ck about the little things. Not having to do laundry for an entire week was like Christmas. Although my gut needs a reboot and I have an extra 5 pounds hanging around my belly, I enjoyed not cooking all week. I loved saying yes to my girls watching a morning show and keeping them up late to watch a movie pool side. I loved the way Chad looked at me every day and couldn’t keep his hands off me.

I feel rejuvenated and I know I’m going home stronger. I’m ready to climb the mountain that is waiting for me.

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